The below list of frequently asked questions should answer most of your basic queries regarding juniors at Glenfield Greyhounds. The ARL website is also a great resource for general info on rugby league in Auckland.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Who do we contact in regards to the Juniors?

Please speak to either Libbee Valaau or Bridget Moore, or email

How do we look for the ARL?

How do we find out about GAME DAY info and CANCELLATIONS or changes to field allocations?

Draws are out Late Tuesday onwards (keep checking right up till end of week as things may change).  Check the ARL website on Friday afternoon or 1ZB Saturday mornings for ground closures.  (You will then need to contact your team of any changes or cancellations)

How many players can take the field?

Mini’s – 6-8 players (all players minimum game time of 1 third (preferably 2 thirds)

Mod’s – 9-11 players (all players minimum game time of 1 half)

International’s – max 13 players on the field at one time

Why are there no results or points kept for mini/mod grades?

It’s called educational football, is non-competition and is designed to allow players from U6 – U12 to develop their skills in the game

Do you need a referee for home games?

Yes - you should have people within your team that can referee, contact one of the junior liaisons by Thursday if you are struggling to find one for game day.

What if my Child can’t play for the up and coming weeks game?

Contact your Coach and/or Manager to let them know as soon as you can

What is the protest procedure?

This is for if you want to question a players age and/or weight but make sure you are ready for the procedure as it is intense and will cost you $20.

What do we do if a parent’s conduct from our team is not deemed appropriate and is continuous?

Talk to your Coach/es, Manager or any Committee Member

Can teams do individual team fundraising?

Yes, however it just needs to be run by the club committee first to ensure no conflicts of interest.

Will teams be required to assist with junior club fundraising initiatives?

Yes, as all fundraising benefits the players, coaches, managers, families and club.

How can I pass on any recommendations or feedback?

These can be made to a coach or manager, any of our committee members, or email the club -